robotics club

Madrinas SC was proud to sponsor Saeger Middle School's Robotic Club's competition in 2017.

"The ultimate goal is to get students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and what better way than a battle of the bots?

The competition is designed to give students a real-life perspective on what it takes to build a robot, and even offers career preparation. Each team was required to estimate how much the robot would potentially cost in a career setting, the number of hours the students needed to build the robot, and the cost of materials.

Team members were assigned different jobs such as safety engineer, mechanical engineer, and project manager. The job of the robot was to pick up a block assembly, and place it in the designated drop location. The robot was also required to demonstrate the ability to repeat the process for more than one block assembly."

(Excerpts taken from FHSD website)